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MICCO came to be and evolved as a result of the economic evolution of Abu Dhabi. In the late 1970's, there was a need for a local freight forwarder to cater to the growing commercial and industrial demands of establishments in Abu Dhabi.

We started out as a Freight Forwarder in 1978. We have since continued to add more services and build our logistics expertise. Today we are a fully and Vertically Integrated Logistics Service Provider. We are a leading freight contracting company in the UAE and service the project construction needs of several leading engineering companies.

The leading travel services company of choice

MICCO Travel

MICCO Travel is the flagship corporate travel business of locally and internationally renowned MICCO Logistics headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE since late 1978. The success in Logistics led to the inception of MICCO Travel in 1984, since then MICCO Travel has aggressively grown up to be one of the leading IATA accredited travel agency in Abu Dhabi.